Saturday, June 11, 2011


Yesterday was the Swedish Studenetn (graduation)
I started this day at about 9am, as I was woken up by the students driving through the streets, singing, screaming, blowing whistles, and honking car horns. It's tradtion in sweden, that when you graduate, you start off your "studenten dag" early in the morning with a champagne breakfast. Literally, you drink champagne.
The main part of the day is spent driving around streets, drinking, and just enjoying the day. At one point in the day, they gather with their class in the school, and come running through the front doors, that are only opened once a year, just for this. They run through the doors, they sing a song, they blow their whistles and noise makers, it's so exciting! After they search through the crowds for their parents, but this is made easier by the fact that their parents carry large signs, with a picture of their child when they were young, along with their name and class. Once they find their family, the student gets flowers, stuffed animals, and mini champagne bottles hung around their neck. Pictures and pictures later, they gather with their class once more and climb into a big truck, and blast some music, drink some more, sing, dance, and celebrate. They drive up and down the streets for a large period of time, it is just so happy and exciting.
After this, there are studentfests. Oh and there are so many of them. I ended up going to 4 in total with Philip and his family (his parents and his sister who came home for studenten from Paris). We started at about 5pm, and me and Philip went to his neighbours house, Amelie. I also actually knew her aswell, I had met her back in August as she is a friend of my old host sister, Sara. We enjoyed a delicious meal there (catered hollyyy)and visited for just over an hour. Then back to his house, where we met the rest of his family and drove to a town named Abbekås, where his mom grew up. His cousin graduated from her school in Malmo, so we joined many of his relatives in yet another student fest. It's very interesting to meet older swedish people, and answer their many questions about canada. This party ended after the funniest comment I've ever gotten from an adult. As we said goodbye, his uncle (who was quite intoxicated believe me) grasps my hand and wishs me "a very good night with Philip". I think that my cheeks were on fire.
After this party, we drove back to Ystad and to a new party, the students name was Louise. Now I somewhat know Louise, I am good friends with her boyfriend Viktor. This party was nice because many of my friends were there, including my best friend, Leo, the italian exchange student. I also met some of my first host family's friends, and had stopped to speak with them when we first got there. We stayed there for a bit, but not the whole night, we still had one more party to attend. This one was of Philip's mom's best friends daughter, Angelica. We were greeted by her father, and as Philip said that we were going to go around and say hello to the others, we were not allowed to do so without a drink. Some frozen mojitos in our hands, we once more toured around and said hello, many of these people this time knew who I was, or rather have heard of me.

After a night full of handshakes, introductions, funny grandparents, I can call that one of the best nights I've had! The swedish graduation is possibly the coolest thing I have seen yet. Next year, I am going to bring these tradtions to Canada so watch out!

This is the parallell class to mine.

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