Friday, June 17, 2011

Sommar tiden!

Summer vacation has offically been underway for a week now. Boy do I love it. I have a pool at this host family, and have been enjoying it almost everyday. My tan is definetly back (YES!) and summer is in the air. We had some reallly nice weather, then it got a little cloudy and rainy, then back to REALLY HOT out! It rained yesterday (night) but I hope that the sun comes back soon. I want to go to the beach!
Though last week I did go to the beach, where I watched some volleyball. The school had a volleyball tournament and each class could make a team. My class doesn't like sports :( so we had no team. But I met with Sofia and Leo and we went and watching, as Philip had a team, along with some other friends of mine. So we spent all day watching, and it was good. The one team had some really good friends of mine, and they ended up winning the tournament. Afterwards we decided to go take a bath in the ocean! When we walked out onto the dock I somewhat changed my mind about swimming.. the wind was cold. But Leo decided differently and pushed me off the dock and into the water. It wasn't as cold as all the guys were making it out to be.. wusses.

That's just a little stupid story of mine.

Me and my host sister, Sophie, planking by the beach one evening.

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