Wednesday, June 22, 2011


My last rotary meeting is in a week, I will be showing pictures and telling my club about my year, all in swedish! TAGGAR!
I am also going to Eskilstuna for Midsummers, I will leave on thursday morning and come home sunday.
That means I only have about 4 days left in Ystad before I go on euro tour (June 30th)
I can't wait for eurotour, but at the same time I am really upset about leaving, as I only have 2 days in sweden after eurotour before I go home.
I've been busy busy busy, seeing as time is running out. I've packed now, but I will need to re arrange some stuff before and after eurotour. It's hard to pack up your life yet again :s it's to heavy.
well that's all for now! I have to go back and work on my presentation!

Vi ses, pussar! <3

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