Thursday, October 7, 2010

Do a Kaycie

Just sitting in English class, and let me say there I really don't do much during this block. What I DO do (haha do do) is make a complete fool of myself.. but then again when is that ever something new. For some reason my feet don't work today.. and I have been bumping into everything possibly imaginable. At the best of times as well. So like when the class is completely silent and I am the only one to stand up.. yea.. you get the picture.
Let's just say my friends have a new saying.. "do a kaycie".. not sure how long this one will take to live down. I still got a "kaycie story" or "kaycinese" to work on.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Well since it has been like a million and a half years since I've updated this thing, I'll give it a go right now. So I apologize for this one being long, I will do my best to summarize as much as I can.

Life here in Sweden has been good. I know everyone always asks me everyday, and they want some long explanation as to what makes it so good, but honestly I can't put the words to me thoughts. I've adjusted so well and I think that is what is making this all so great for me. I've talked to other exchange students, and some have had a hard first month, and I feel bad that I have not. I also hate knowing that it's hard for me to help them when I am so far away (european far not north american). I just give them positive thoughts and words, and crossing my fingers every night that they soon have the same feelings towards their ocuntry as I do for Sweden. So if any exchange students are reading this.. current or future.. just know that it gets easier. It gets better and once you hit that certain mark, you are never gonna wanna leave.

I wish that I've done a better job at updating this thing, because I wanna look back and read about all the amazing little things I've done, so here is my shot at writing them all down now.
Where I last left off was the Crayfish party.. and I've had numerous of events happen since.
That next weekend (September 11), I took the train from Ystad to Copenhagen to visit Sarah and Erin. I can honestly say that it was one of the funnest weekends ever. We had what the danish call "hyggelig".. Best thing ever I have to say. Just think of anything and everything that makes you comfy and cozy and that is what hyggelig is. I think I gained about a million and a half pounds just from that weekend alone. It was so amazing to see them again. We did some shopping in Copenhagen, went and toured Christiania, a city inside a city where there are no laws and everyone is free to express themselves how ever that may be. It was super neat and I would have taken more photos then neccesary but you are not allowed to photograph the inside. We made dinner on Friday night the three of us, as well as went grocery shopping ourselves to buy the necessary ingredients. We bought some nice italian red wine as well to accompony dinner. Bought it all by ourselves.. you can do that in Denmark when you're 16.
That sunday I left Copenhagen around noon and took the train back to Malmö where my parents met me at the train station. From there we went out for an early dinner with a bunch of relatives and then to Malmö Opera House for "Singing in the Rain". It was unfortunetly all is swedish but it was still fantastic to watch. At the end of each set they has so much water pouring down onto the stage, I'm not sure how or especially where it went afterwards.
The next week passed, and I honestly could not tell you any specific thing that had happened during the week so I'm just gonna say school and stuff.
The next weekend however was also budy. Saturday was such a GORGEOUS day, so my mom took me on a little tour of east Skåne. First stop was Glimmingehus, a castle thats building start on May 2nd, 1499. It's not a huge castle but it was really really neat to see, and I enjoyed going through all the floors and taking pictures (lots of them no worries). I've always have come to the conclusion that people back then are midgets with long legs, due to the TINY doorways and the HUGE steps. After that was a nice drive through the countryside to Simrishamn, a cute and quaint little fishing village on the eastern coast. There we enjoyed some ice cream, walked around, then proceeded to the next destination, Stenshuvud. Stenshuvud is a national park that is the closet thing to a mountain that I'm gonna get for now. I have to admit the "gruelling" ten minute climb up that "steep" rock pathway almost killing my self by falling down the "rocky" terrain was worth the beautiful view. It was unreal. On the way down from the top of Stenshuvud we passed some Swedish Zebras (they aren't cows) and wandered along the beach taking even more pictures. By the end of the say I was really tired and sleep was super nice.. except I did go out that night to a friend's for movies anyway.
So then it was another week of I really can't remember what.. but I'm gonna go ahead and say it was also fun.
I'm not sure if it was that Sunday or not.. I suck at dates.. but I'm gonna say so.. My parents took Andrea and I to Malmö to see the Turning Torso, IKEA, and Ystad IF play Lund (GO WHITE!!! If my red team friends are reading this.. I'm sorry.. it's nothing personal.. I just can't cheer for your team.)It was a lot of fun, and big surprise I took more pictures. One of these days I will catch up on them and actually post them for people to see.
Another weeeeek goess heeerree.
The NEXT weekend I went to Kivik, another small town on the East Coast, but this time I went there for a good reason. Apples. And lots of them. Every year Kivik has an apple festival, and the main feature is this HUGE apple mural. Roughly estimataion of 365, 000 apples.. of like 20 different kinds I think. It was suuuuppper cool. While there I also saw Calle Kristiansson, the runner up last year on Idol 2009. He was really good actaully and played "Walking in Memphis" which I LOVE. I got some neat pictures of him.
Hmmm I think I am caught up to this past week.. which was fun as well.
FRIDAY NIGHT had to have been such a FUN night! We had what is called "inspark", which was pretty much a party for all the grades in Media along with Social Media. First years had to dress up as a beach theme, us second years as 80's, and third years were togas. I had got ready that night with the other girls from my class in Sjöbo which is about 40 minutes from Ystad. It was honestly so much fun, and I didn't get home until like 1:30 in the morning. My feet hurt so much from all the dancing (in heels) and my throat has such a frog from all the singing and explaining to people that I was from Canada. Overall.. successful night. The next morning though I was suuuupppperr tireeed. Saturday I went to Hammenhög to help Farmor move from one apparentment to another. It was a long day, I was glad to get home and go to bed. Sunday night I went to my friend Rasmus' to watch a movie with him, Andrea, and Viktor. Shutter Island.. screwed with my head.
Hmmm, so that being only a couple days ago, I am pretty well caught up. THIS weekend.. I have no set plans yet but we will see.
NEXT weekend, my friend Louise has asked me if I would like to go to Malmö for a shopping trip. Hopefully I can, I like Malmö.
First week of Novemeber, my parents are away, so I will be staying with my Dad's brother I do believe and his family. His son is a good friend from school's best friend. SMALL WORLD! Also that Friday night (the 5th) I was invited to a Halloween party at my friend Amanda's house in Sjöbo. It'll be cool to see how they celebrate it here. I'm sure it's not tooo different from Canada though.
The second weekend on November I will be going to Gothenburg, the third largest city in Sweden, to visit a friend.
The weekend after, Sarah and Erin from Denmark are going to be coming for a visit. I can't wait to see those girls again.
In December possibly I will be going on a weekend trip to Stockholm with my parents.
The my birthday and christmas and new years.
Then Austria in January and now Prag in April. I LOVE EUROPE!

So finally I am caught up on my swedish life for you all.
My swedish as goes the language is getting a bit better, but honestly I still suck. To anyone who doesn't know an actaul word in Swedish I am "good".. but I am not that good. My classmates have realized how fun it is to teach me swedish, so they are always telling me what things are now in swedish. But I don't remember most of it. They love it when I speak swedish. It's hard though when I'm so used to English. As for understanding.. yea I still don't. In due time.. in due time.

ZE END! (for now)