Friday, September 10, 2010

Parti hattar och kräftor. Skål!!!!

Here is Sweden it is tradition to have a "kräftor fest" or in English we say "crayfish party". Everyone wears silly party hats and you sing strange songs in swedish while cheers-ing schnapps. It was a great night, full of laughter, songs, swedish, and most importantly, crayfish! It was my first time eating crayfish and I just have to say that I really do like it! Although it is extremely messy and hard to eat. I went through 3 napkins by just eating three small ones and one big one. And I cut my fingers about 3 times but I had a blast none the less! Here are some pictures taken from that night.

The table for the party. The song you sing throughout the evening. When it says 'skål', You drink your snapps.

Glasses in order: Water, wine, and schnapps.

Appetizers I helped make. Cheese balls, Squeeze crayfish cheese, and dill, onions, cream cheese topped with fish eggs.

Trying the crayfish, sucking the juice from boiling it.

My neighbour Lena teaching me how to open it to get some meat out.

Finally got it and about to eat some for the first time. Guess what.. I really liked it too!

Skål!!!! Trying the Bisque (a very bitter sort of Schnapps).

The after face... it was truely aweful!

Silliest Dad ever!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

I wanna hold your hand..

There are many reasons as to why I believe that I am in the perfect family right now, and this just contributes to that theory. As an early birthday present, my parents bought me along with themselves tickets to probably the greatest concert I will ever see.. The Cavern Beatles. For those who don't know who they are, they are one of the world's best Beatles Tribute bands.. honestly they were amazing. They sounded like the real deal.

Inside Ystad theater. Over 150 years old.. amazing!

First set, they even looked like the Beatles!

The second set.

Friday, September 3, 2010

I think I am in love.

Some of my favorite pictures from Sweden.

This one is actaully my favorite. It was taken by my friend Rasmus the other night when a bunch of us were hanging out on the pier.


Wow so it's been five weeks now! I think this is the longest time I've ever been from home but it feels like I just left yesturday. Time has really flown and now I want it to slow down. I am enjoying it here in Sweden A LOT! I am now the only one in the house (besides my parents and my dog) so it's really rather quiet a lot of the time. I have an exchange friend though that lives just down the street so we hang out a lot. Right now she's going through a hard time with her family but still loves Sweden. But I've been helping her through it and so she's at my house a lot.

I've been in school now since last wednesday, and boy is school here different. As you can see from my last post I have a very rough scehdule. School is really big though, as I am used to little ol Sahali, anything over two floors is HUGE! So my school here, the only school in Ystad and the surrounding area, is called Österportgymnasiet. And school here you take programs, so you have schools inside your school. I am in the Media program and there is about 25 students in my class. Which means all of my classes throughout this year are with the same 25 students. Since not all courses here are mandatory, there is only 6 of us in math class, and only 7 of us in photography. School is also super hard but really easy at the same time. I never know what's going on (except in English class, that one is a breeze) and so then I am tired a lot. My teachers will do the lesson in Swedish, then they ask me if I understand anything. Alls I can do is just say no cause I don't. Sometimes they will breifly explain for me but other times they just laugh and continue with the lesson. My classmates are all super nice as well, very artsy, and you can tell some took this program just cause it'd be easy. But they explain things to me so I am not hopelesly lost. They also always invite me to eat lunch with them which is nice. Some days however if I miss the end of my class because of SFI, one of the other exchange students and I go out for lunch, usually to her house or to mine because we live about 10 minutes away from the school. School lunches here are free, however aren't super amazing. You can eat them still but aren't anything to brag about. But still them being free is very nice.

I've been to one Rotary meeting here, and the biggest difference is definitely age. My club here is about 60 members I don't think there is a single person under 50 in the club. Plus I think there is only about 4 women in the club. So it is made up of old men. We meet on Monday nights at 6 for dinner. Unfortunetly my club is not in Ystad, it is the Rotary Club of Hammenhög so we have to drive about 25 minutes to get there. I don't have to go to meetings every week, only about once a month, and in October I will do my presenation on Canada, but in mainly english. And then in around May I will do another but in Swedish. I met my club councillor on Tuesday for the first time as well finally. His name is Göran and he is very nice, but travels a lot so I will sort of have two councillors here. He told me that the club is going to put together a budget (not sure what yet, they have to discuss it next week) and that money will be extra money then my monthly allowance, and that will go towards whatever they decide pretty much. My mom and I were discussing that would be great for March when I go on a Rotary Ski Trip up North.

I haven't done a HUGE amount of travelling yet but I will now seeing as through school I get a card that allows me to take a bus or train anywhere in Skåne. I've been a couple different cities, due to Rotary trips, but now I will go around more often. A friend of mine (a Swedish one too) is going to take me shopping in Malmö soon. I am very excited. With rotary we went on this trip to a little island off the West coast called Ven. Very small and you bike around it, and alls was good until we got our bikes. Then it started to POUR! So we got really wet but I had so much fun that day that I really didn't mind too much. Our trip to Austria has been booked as well. We are going to a resort called Bad Gastein from January 2nd to the 8th. There is 14 of us going, however they are mostly adults. One couple, very nice people, have a daughter my age and she wasn't supposed to be going this year but since I am going she gets to go now too. I have met her and last weekend I spent the weekend at her house because my parents were out of town. She is very nice and we are both looking forward to January. She is the one who wants to take me shopping in Malmö. Next weekend I am going to Danmark around mid day on Friday and will be gone until Sunday. I am going to visit Sarah McCurrach from Kelowna and Erin Miller (Kamloops Daybreak) is coming to Copenhagen as well. We are all staying at Sarah's house and with her host family for the weekend and we are also all really excited to see eachother again. Then on Sunday my parents are picking me up in Malmö for a musical that night. We are seeing ''Singing in the Rain'' but in Swedish. It will be really neat to go see. As well on Monday night they are taking me to The Cavern Beatles (a very good Beatles tribute band) here in Ystad because they know how much of a Beatles fan I am.

My Swedish still isn't very good but I am learning, and understanding my host parents more and more each day. We have started our Swedish lessons in school and they are very hard. Swedish practically the whole time! Soon though I hope I understand and I won't be as scared to try and speak swedish. I am less tired each day now, except I think I pay less attention when people speak Swedish, which might not be good.

Well that's about a current update on what I've been doing for the past two weeks, I can't really think of anything else to say. Tomorrow night we are having a Crayfish party, which is a very big Swedish traditions. You drink Schnapps while singing a strange song in Swedish like every 5 minutes. I am looking forward to this.

So that is all for now, I hope Kanada is just as amazing as Sweden is!! I miss you all tons and nobody hesitate to send me a ''Hej hej'' on facebook.