Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Just got my courses at school today, I start at 8 each morning except on Monday's, I don't start until 1 :)

SFI (swedish lessons for us exchange students)1:00-2:00pm
English 1:50-3:20pm
Math 8:00-9:00am
Swedish with my class 9:10-10:40am
SFI 10:15-11:15
Multimedia 10:40-12:45
Lunch 1:00-1:30
Multimedia 1:30-4:20
Media Communications 8:00-9:30
Film Studies 10:40-12:00
Lunch 12:05-12:30
Dance 1:30-4:20
Media Communications 8:00-9:30
SFI 9:15-10:15 (I miss my 9:40-10:35 math class for SFI)
Lunch 12:00-12:30
English 12:40-2:10
PE 2:40-4:10
Multimedia 8:00-9:30
SFI 9:15-10:15
PHOTOGRAPHY 10:00-4:00

The photography class has this little in class studio with lights and reflectors and it's gonna be so much fun!
For SFI though I miss parts of my classes, and I am late and have to leave early and such. But it will help for sure. For first term we have it the 4 times a week and for second term it's only 2 (that's in the spring)
Every student (at least the exchange students) is assigned a "mentor", one of the teachers that they can always go to if they need something. My mentor's name is Hanna, and she also happens to be my english teacher which is very good. She is really nice which I am super glad of. She showed me all the classrooms where my classes will be as well as introduced me to all my teachers. They seem nice and glad to meet me. I hope that is how it is.
School starts tomorrow at 10:00.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Home is behind, the world ahead..

I figured I'd write a little update although nothing too interesting has happened. We had two sunny days in a row finally and it was super nice. I went to Jeannie's house and tanned by her pool. Jeannie is Andrea the exchange student from Wisconsin that lives 5 minutes away. Her house is MASSIIIIVE.
I've been to many small villages.. and when I say village I mean it's too small to be considered a town. My mom's brother lives in the middle of the flat farmland (he owns a farm as well as a bus company in Hammenhäg) and we went to visit him today. His wife is very nice and so are his three kids. I didn't actaully happen to catch any of their names except Filip's, cause it't pretty easy. He is one year younger then me but goes to school in Lund. They have a beautiful horse and some really playful dogs. As well they have two barn cats, a mom and her baby. The little one was so adorable, reminded my of Grubber-Goo. We had fika at their house, tea and a reaaallyl delicious chocolate cake.
So school starts on Wednesday, I'm really nervous now, excited but nervous. I can't wait to meet people though.
I made Poutine last night for my family. Jeannie also came over for dinner because she had never tried it before but heard good things. I was so excited to make it, seeing as I really love it and miss it dearly. That's another thing people can send me.. quick and easy gravy packets.. making it from scratch wasn't as easy. Anyways, I was also really nervous cause I was scared that they wouldn't like it but luckily they really did. My dad is already planning out what else we could put on it (like onions and bacon and such).
Well, not much more to say then I still love Sweden just as much. I've started to miss home a little more now but I haven't been upset or anything yet so I'm glad.
It's been three weeks already, I still can't believe it!!! In 5 more days it'll be my one month!!! Friday night.. bring it.
But there is a massive bug trying to break through the fortress of my door and rampage my room so I am now going to go defend my territory but first learn some lessons of fighting from the troops of Rohan in Lord of the Rings.

Hej då för nu!

This beach is about 25 minutes away from Ystad and about 10 from Hammenhög. The sand was unreal and I found it was better then Mexico. It was so soft that it squeaked! Also if you look closely you can just see the Danish island- Bornholm.

Friday, August 20, 2010


So I went to the school yesturday to pick out my courses. It's not a for sure but my classes SHOULD be:

Media Program Second Year with Photography as my main profile (so I do a lot of photography in other words)
English (just so I can own that class. The school counsillers said it would more of be a benefit to the class and teacher to have me in it)
Dance (on Wednesday afternoons only though)
This course where we watch films then analyze them
and four times a week the four other excahnge students and I have special swedish lessons.

This sounds like it's gonna be a good year at school. I have to go back on Tuesday to get my schedule and meet my teachers but on Wednesday is my first day. I am realllly excited.
Here, school works different. Your class (like we have our grad class of everyone in that grade at the school) is just the ones in your program. So I'm more of going to Mediegymnasiet (which is just the Media program). So I will have the same group of students in every one of my classes. I THINK (or hope at least) that I have met someone in my class already, but I'm not sure if he is in it.

Extra note that is not related to school:
This past week I actaully hung out with friends! I went into town with Andrea (another exchange student from Wisconsin) and then to her house where we watched some movies. And another night I went to her house (It's about a five minute walk from mine) and we watched a movie with her host brother Filip (same age as us) and his friend Rasmus. Rasmus is the guy who I think is in the same program as me at school.
That is all.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Two weeks already!

Wow, I can't believe that it has been two weeks already here! So much stuff has happened and I love it all! I think I am in love with this country.. nej.. I know I am. I miss the mountains, and reese peanut butter cups but it;s replaced with the ocean and Daim (såååååå mycket gott!!!). I feel at home here.
I've been so busy these past två veckor that I have barely talked to home. So here is what I've been up too in a short form..

I can now get around my city without getting hopelessly lost. Finding my way home from Old Town now is easy and I don't need any help. (Although at 3 in the morning it was a bit tricky. Good thing I had my sister and cousin with me)

My Swedish is... inte bra but I learn more and more each day. I can now sorta speak Swinglish but only a bit. Understanding people is so much harder then to speak it because Swede's speak veerryy fast. I now know how everyone else back home feels when they talk to me. Except I think I'm in a tougher postition cause I don't even know the words that they are saying. It all sounds like jibberish to me. I just had my language camp for the past five days but it didn't help that much. I know more words and how to read swedish now (pronounce for the use of a better word) but ja I'm pretty usless at understanding. It's only been two weeks though so I just need to be patient and it will come eventually. Right now it seems like I'm never gonna get it but everyone says that the first couple months are really difficult but by Christmas I should be able to speak it pretty dece and by next July I'll be pretty fluent. Right now I can sorta understand my mom if she asks if I want something in Sweden, though she has to speak slowly.

My family is... amazing. They made me feel right at home the first couple days and so now this really feels like home! My dad is så funny and is always asking if I need something. Same with my mom. They really are great and they said that they really like me and always tell me how glad they are to have me here. I met my second host family last night, the Holmbergs. They are a bit mpore reserved then my family right now but they are a nice couple. Their three kids all don't live at home anymore though. It's not a for sure thing however that I will go to live with them.. we're just seeing how it goes and I may stay with the Persson's for the whole year. My dad says that they'll probably wanna keep me and that I may not even go home to Kanada. He is very convinced that I won't and quite honestly I am not sure either. I loooooove Sverige. My sister is så amazing as well. We have ALOT in common, like more then me and Caitie. We like the same things and we dislike the same things and we have the same personality. It is crazy! I'm really upset that she has to leave tomorrow and I will miss her a lot. This family is so perfect for me! They are just as crazy and weird as back home.

I've met some friends here now, mainly Sara's friends. They are all really nice and they speak english around me even though they don't want too. They think that it isn't that good but I reasure them that it's much better then my Swedish. They will all be in third year once school starts, and even though they are a year older then me I want to see if I will be able to go into third year seeing as the Swedish graduation is reallly neat and much different then Kanada. We'll see though. My mom and I are going on Thursday to go pick my courses for the year.

Let's see what else...
Did I mention that I love sweden?? I still can't get over that I am actaully here. I was just talking with Sara about how I can't believe that I've been here for two weeks now. But then it also feels like I've been here for so much longer. It's weird how that's how it is but I am okay with it.

So I'm going to say hej då för nu men jag will try and write another update next week or so. If anyone wants to send me some Reese Peanut Butter Cups I would be more then estatic to get some:) Or even a card or like $20 :P If you don't have my address it is:

Kaycie Sjodin
Långhusgatan 11
271 36 Ystad

I hope Kanada is all good and not completely burning up right now!
Hej då!!!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Jag alskar Sverige.

So I've had people bugging me to update this thing.. but I've only been here 2 days now! But I'll quickly fill in what has happened in short form..
So I arrived in Copenhagen at about 6:30 and I arrived into my city on the coast of Skane at about 8. I had a quick tour and a quick bite to eat because then Sara (my host sister) took me to a party to meet all of her friends. She wanted me to go to another one with her but Caroline (my host mom) wanted me to come home and sleep. I had a lot of fun even though I didn't understand anyone.
Yesturday I rode my bike around the city with my host parents.. cobble stone streets surrounded by old buildings.. paths in the trees that lead to an ocean side walkway.. I can get used to this place:)
We also went out for dinner with my mom and dad, brother and sister, 2 cousins, my dad's mom, and my mom's parents. The restaraunt we went to was outside and it was strange cause you had to cook your own meat. But the food was REALLLY good (mycket god). The grandparents don't speak English though so it was super hard to communicate.
Well.. that's as much as I'm gonna write for today.. I'll try and get another update out in a week or so. I have a journal.. except I don't wanna write down what I all wrote.. I was bored on the plane so wrote a lot.
Jag alskar sverige! hej da!