Monday, May 3, 2010

I'll always remember this day..

AHHHH I GOT MY FIRST HOST FAMILY EMAIL TODAY! I was dead asleep this morning when my mom called me to tell me that I needed to go check my email. I booked it to the computer and quickly signed in to find that my first host mom, Caroline Perrson, has sent me a nice and long detailed email. I read through happy tears and procedded to stare at the computer in awe. I will be living in a small town on the southern coast of Sweden (yes coast. I am on the ocean!) called Ystad. I will be attending Österportskolan for school and my Host Rotary Club is the Rotary club in Hammenhög. Ystad has about 17, 500 people, which is much smaller then Kamloops but none the less amazing. Hammenhög is about 10 minutes away from my town and Malmo is about a half an hour. I AM SO EXCITED! My host family sounds amazing. My host father's name is Ingemar and he words and a transport good coordinator between eastern Europe and Sweden. My host mom, Caroline, works part time in Ystad as a secretary. I am also fortunate enough to have host siblings. Andreas, 19, is my host brother and Sara, 18 this fall, is my host sister. Sara and I are very much alike when is comes to personality. Unfortunately, she leaves on her Rotary Exchange about 2 weeks after I arrive. Caroline told me that I will be living in her room for my time with them. The whole family sounds wonderful and they've already invited me to go to Austria this winter for a skiing vacation in the Alps!! I can't wait.
I think this email made me much more excited to leave because now I can not wait to meet my family.