Friday, April 30, 2010

First Post.

So this I'm new to this whole blogging deal but I figured I should get used to it if I'm planning on keeping up with it. So my name is Kaycie and I was accepted to go on a Rotary Youth Exchange on November 22. I'm apart of District 5060 in Canada. I live in Kamloops which is beautiful. In mid December I got that fantastic email telling me that I was chosen to spend the year in Sweden. AMAZING! Since then I've had both of my Rotary Weekends, the first in Revelstoke where it was pretty much to just meet everyone. It has gotta still be the best weekend of my life. I made so many new friends and they are all family! Our second weekend was in Naramata and was much more of our orientation. We had so many training sessions that just made me more excited to leave. We learned a lot about culture shock and all the other things we may experience. I had so much fun just cause I got to see everyone again. I missed them all so much! Unfortunately I won't get to see some of them until Rebound weekend but luckily I'll see all the Inbounds when they stop in Kamloops for their bus trip! I can't wait. I haven't found my host city yet nor my host families but Bob, the placement coordinator, told me that I should know by May 31st so it's just a waiting game. I do know however that I should be arriving in Sweden around July 28th and August 1st. 3 MONTHS I CAN'T WAIT!