Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I apparently suck at updating this.. so i've been told as well as so i can see.
So my life for the past.. what, month and a half? is a complete mystery to everyone back home. Sorry.. it's been busy and I hate writing in this. I don't see how all of my girls at school can keep up a blog.. i find it so awkward to write about my life for whomever to see.

Well, life has been, normal in a sense. I mean to all you back home the little things i do on a daily basis must seem exciting, but i've gotten into a nice little routine that just works. I'm no longer excited to take the train somewhere, more of excited when i JUST make the train when i think i'm going to miss it. My school's size is no longer a shock, and no longer does it feel weird to be the non-swedish speaking one walking down the longs.. not halls, corridors is a better word. The hedghogs are asleep now (like the bears) and so they won't be out again until late spring, but my host mom did happen to see one walking the dog the other day and i had ran out and snapped some cute lil pictures of the little rascal. maybe one of these days i will actaully get around to putting pictures up. or you can all just wait until im home to see them ;)

its funny being the exchange student actaully. back home we always have so many and everyone knows who they are and such, and here, it's the same thing! Except i'm the foriegner (that can't spell worth crap apparently). I was at this party the other day (an "around the world" masquarade) and i had numerous people come up and talk to the people i was talking to, and then have them turn to look at me and be like "your kaycie right? that canadian?" If they didn't know my name they ALWAYS knew that I was the canadian. It was kinda funny cause people that I had never even seen before knew it. Lets just say i have a whole new appreciation and understanding towards the brasilians that wreak havoc on little sahali.

what have i been doing?
loottss of stuff. i have been keeping track of my days here, sorta.
ive made a bunch of new friends (always a fun thing) and hung out with other friends and gotten closer with some friends. in short, i like swedes.
ive made NUMEROUS trips to malmo, just to grab a fika, stop by the massive ahlens, and once even just to have subway.
i went to copenhagen the other week (during out hostlov, the fall break) where i enjoyed greasssyyyy KFC chicken :) a nice stroll in this BEAUTIFUL park in the middle of the city, then stared at three hours worth of art at the national art gallery. Bob Dylan paintings (his Brasil series) was the main exhibit, and I even got to see Picasso! not everyone can say they've done that.
I just saw HP today.. and thats all im saying bout that cause i am not ruining it for ANYONE!

i guess that sorta sums it up what ive been up too. im sorry it really actually doesn't but it's past my bedtime (WAYYYY past 8:34.. Grom, I hope you read this)
maybe one day i will get around to actually write a detailed post.. but i doubt it. you'll all just have to wait until July and you can hear many "Kaycie" stories.. i suppose you can put up with some seeing as you get to go a year without them.. who knows.. you probably "just had to be there"

I miss all you canadians!
Love all you swedes ;)
Wuddup to all my exchangeees!

Puss puss

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

This is my fall Rotex Roundup. I didn't quite follow our requriments, and sorta wrote it much different then most usually do.. but oh well. It honestly took me so long to write because I kept going back and forth and re-writing sutff.

Kaycie Sjodin
Hosting Information: Ystad, Sweden: Hammenhög Rotaryklubb District 2390
Sponsoring Information: Kamloops, BC: Kamloops Aurora 100

As I once heard: “One year abroad is all you need to become the person you’ve always wanted to be”. After 24 hours of travelling across the world to a new country, being submersed in one of the hardest languages, and introduced to so many amazing new people and customs, here I stand, believing that to be true more than ever. Through these past three months that I have been here I have met so many people that have changed my life and will forever stay in this new one that has been created.
When I meet people here, I get the same questions over and over again: “Why Sweden?” “You’re Canadian huh? You speak French then.” “How’s the weather in Canada? It must be pretty cold.” I joke with my host parents and say that you could wake me up in the middle of the night and I could answer all of these questions. With the help of my new surroundings, I’ve realized so many things, about myself, about Sweden, and especially about Canada. I’ve learnt that I have a high tolerance to potatoes almost every night, and that I am able to be so far from home without much problem. I’ve learnt that Swedes are insanely shy when you first meet them, along with that Swedish as a language is one of the hardest languages to learn. I’ve learnt that in Canada, we have the strangest way to measure things, whether it is weight, height, distance, etc. I’ve also learnt that honestly, no one knows about Canada, it’s rather funny as well as fun to tell them more about it.
I haven’t really had any struggles these past three months. Right from the start I had adjusted so well to the new culture and I never had a problem. It feels so normal being here that even when people say “Sweden” or “Europe” it just doesn’t faze me. I don’t think I could be in a better place for me right now. My host family is amazing, and I have come to the conclusion that they are the reason that I have adjusted like I have. My friends are all truly great, from my Swedish friends at school and around town to exchange friends, even those off in other countries right now. School is so much different here than in Canada, much bigger and more like university. They give you much more responsibility, but a lot more freedom I find. The way the school system works is you take a program, which is sort of like a school inside a school. I am in the Media program, which is great because my classes aren’t very difficult minus that they are taught in Swedish. I guess the only hard thing I am dealing with is the connection of Canadian Post and Swedish Post; it takes me about 2 months to get stuff from home.
I can’t say that I don’t miss home, because of course I do, I am just finding it much easier to be away then I thought it would. Canadian things that I love have just been replaced by new Swedish things. There are no mountains where I am, and as hard as that is to get used to, I now have the sea 5 minutes from my house. Reese Peanut Butter Cups have been temporarily replaced with Marabou chocolate (I say temporarily because they are still my favourite). I never knew that I would love this country so much, and now that I am here, I don’t want to leave.
The one main thing that I have learnt so far on this exchange is: expectations are nonexistent when being a Rotary student. Or at least that is how it should be. Before I came, I was told to learn the language. I was told to research my country and to know about where I would be spending this year. Honestly, I never did that but that worked for me. Everyone is different, preparations were different for different people and everyone adjusts differently. If I have one piece of advice for future exchange students, it’s to do what works for you.
“Varje dag är en ny början. Behandla det så. Håll dig borta från vad som kan ha varit, och titta på vad som kan. (Every day is a new beginning. Treat it that way. Stay away from what might have been, and look at what can be.)”

Mycket kramar från Sverige

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Do a Kaycie

Just sitting in English class, and let me say there I really don't do much during this block. What I DO do (haha do do) is make a complete fool of myself.. but then again when is that ever something new. For some reason my feet don't work today.. and I have been bumping into everything possibly imaginable. At the best of times as well. So like when the class is completely silent and I am the only one to stand up.. yea.. you get the picture.
Let's just say my friends have a new saying.. "do a kaycie".. not sure how long this one will take to live down. I still got a "kaycie story" or "kaycinese" to work on.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Well since it has been like a million and a half years since I've updated this thing, I'll give it a go right now. So I apologize for this one being long, I will do my best to summarize as much as I can.

Life here in Sweden has been good. I know everyone always asks me everyday, and they want some long explanation as to what makes it so good, but honestly I can't put the words to me thoughts. I've adjusted so well and I think that is what is making this all so great for me. I've talked to other exchange students, and some have had a hard first month, and I feel bad that I have not. I also hate knowing that it's hard for me to help them when I am so far away (european far not north american). I just give them positive thoughts and words, and crossing my fingers every night that they soon have the same feelings towards their ocuntry as I do for Sweden. So if any exchange students are reading this.. current or future.. just know that it gets easier. It gets better and once you hit that certain mark, you are never gonna wanna leave.

I wish that I've done a better job at updating this thing, because I wanna look back and read about all the amazing little things I've done, so here is my shot at writing them all down now.
Where I last left off was the Crayfish party.. and I've had numerous of events happen since.
That next weekend (September 11), I took the train from Ystad to Copenhagen to visit Sarah and Erin. I can honestly say that it was one of the funnest weekends ever. We had what the danish call "hyggelig".. Best thing ever I have to say. Just think of anything and everything that makes you comfy and cozy and that is what hyggelig is. I think I gained about a million and a half pounds just from that weekend alone. It was so amazing to see them again. We did some shopping in Copenhagen, went and toured Christiania, a city inside a city where there are no laws and everyone is free to express themselves how ever that may be. It was super neat and I would have taken more photos then neccesary but you are not allowed to photograph the inside. We made dinner on Friday night the three of us, as well as went grocery shopping ourselves to buy the necessary ingredients. We bought some nice italian red wine as well to accompony dinner. Bought it all by ourselves.. you can do that in Denmark when you're 16.
That sunday I left Copenhagen around noon and took the train back to Malmö where my parents met me at the train station. From there we went out for an early dinner with a bunch of relatives and then to Malmö Opera House for "Singing in the Rain". It was unfortunetly all is swedish but it was still fantastic to watch. At the end of each set they has so much water pouring down onto the stage, I'm not sure how or especially where it went afterwards.
The next week passed, and I honestly could not tell you any specific thing that had happened during the week so I'm just gonna say school and stuff.
The next weekend however was also budy. Saturday was such a GORGEOUS day, so my mom took me on a little tour of east Skåne. First stop was Glimmingehus, a castle thats building start on May 2nd, 1499. It's not a huge castle but it was really really neat to see, and I enjoyed going through all the floors and taking pictures (lots of them no worries). I've always have come to the conclusion that people back then are midgets with long legs, due to the TINY doorways and the HUGE steps. After that was a nice drive through the countryside to Simrishamn, a cute and quaint little fishing village on the eastern coast. There we enjoyed some ice cream, walked around, then proceeded to the next destination, Stenshuvud. Stenshuvud is a national park that is the closet thing to a mountain that I'm gonna get for now. I have to admit the "gruelling" ten minute climb up that "steep" rock pathway almost killing my self by falling down the "rocky" terrain was worth the beautiful view. It was unreal. On the way down from the top of Stenshuvud we passed some Swedish Zebras (they aren't cows) and wandered along the beach taking even more pictures. By the end of the say I was really tired and sleep was super nice.. except I did go out that night to a friend's for movies anyway.
So then it was another week of I really can't remember what.. but I'm gonna go ahead and say it was also fun.
I'm not sure if it was that Sunday or not.. I suck at dates.. but I'm gonna say so.. My parents took Andrea and I to Malmö to see the Turning Torso, IKEA, and Ystad IF play Lund (GO WHITE!!! If my red team friends are reading this.. I'm sorry.. it's nothing personal.. I just can't cheer for your team.)It was a lot of fun, and big surprise I took more pictures. One of these days I will catch up on them and actually post them for people to see.
Another weeeeek goess heeerree.
The NEXT weekend I went to Kivik, another small town on the East Coast, but this time I went there for a good reason. Apples. And lots of them. Every year Kivik has an apple festival, and the main feature is this HUGE apple mural. Roughly estimataion of 365, 000 apples.. of like 20 different kinds I think. It was suuuuppper cool. While there I also saw Calle Kristiansson, the runner up last year on Idol 2009. He was really good actaully and played "Walking in Memphis" which I LOVE. I got some neat pictures of him.
Hmmm I think I am caught up to this past week.. which was fun as well.
FRIDAY NIGHT had to have been such a FUN night! We had what is called "inspark", which was pretty much a party for all the grades in Media along with Social Media. First years had to dress up as a beach theme, us second years as 80's, and third years were togas. I had got ready that night with the other girls from my class in Sjöbo which is about 40 minutes from Ystad. It was honestly so much fun, and I didn't get home until like 1:30 in the morning. My feet hurt so much from all the dancing (in heels) and my throat has such a frog from all the singing and explaining to people that I was from Canada. Overall.. successful night. The next morning though I was suuuupppperr tireeed. Saturday I went to Hammenhög to help Farmor move from one apparentment to another. It was a long day, I was glad to get home and go to bed. Sunday night I went to my friend Rasmus' to watch a movie with him, Andrea, and Viktor. Shutter Island.. screwed with my head.
Hmmm, so that being only a couple days ago, I am pretty well caught up. THIS weekend.. I have no set plans yet but we will see.
NEXT weekend, my friend Louise has asked me if I would like to go to Malmö for a shopping trip. Hopefully I can, I like Malmö.
First week of Novemeber, my parents are away, so I will be staying with my Dad's brother I do believe and his family. His son is a good friend from school's best friend. SMALL WORLD! Also that Friday night (the 5th) I was invited to a Halloween party at my friend Amanda's house in Sjöbo. It'll be cool to see how they celebrate it here. I'm sure it's not tooo different from Canada though.
The second weekend on November I will be going to Gothenburg, the third largest city in Sweden, to visit a friend.
The weekend after, Sarah and Erin from Denmark are going to be coming for a visit. I can't wait to see those girls again.
In December possibly I will be going on a weekend trip to Stockholm with my parents.
The my birthday and christmas and new years.
Then Austria in January and now Prag in April. I LOVE EUROPE!

So finally I am caught up on my swedish life for you all.
My swedish as goes the language is getting a bit better, but honestly I still suck. To anyone who doesn't know an actaul word in Swedish I am "good".. but I am not that good. My classmates have realized how fun it is to teach me swedish, so they are always telling me what things are now in swedish. But I don't remember most of it. They love it when I speak swedish. It's hard though when I'm so used to English. As for understanding.. yea I still don't. In due time.. in due time.

ZE END! (for now)

Friday, September 10, 2010

Parti hattar och kräftor. Skål!!!!

Here is Sweden it is tradition to have a "kräftor fest" or in English we say "crayfish party". Everyone wears silly party hats and you sing strange songs in swedish while cheers-ing schnapps. It was a great night, full of laughter, songs, swedish, and most importantly, crayfish! It was my first time eating crayfish and I just have to say that I really do like it! Although it is extremely messy and hard to eat. I went through 3 napkins by just eating three small ones and one big one. And I cut my fingers about 3 times but I had a blast none the less! Here are some pictures taken from that night.

The table for the party. The song you sing throughout the evening. When it says 'skål', You drink your snapps.

Glasses in order: Water, wine, and schnapps.

Appetizers I helped make. Cheese balls, Squeeze crayfish cheese, and dill, onions, cream cheese topped with fish eggs.

Trying the crayfish, sucking the juice from boiling it.

My neighbour Lena teaching me how to open it to get some meat out.

Finally got it and about to eat some for the first time. Guess what.. I really liked it too!

Skål!!!! Trying the Bisque (a very bitter sort of Schnapps).

The after face... it was truely aweful!

Silliest Dad ever!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

I wanna hold your hand..

There are many reasons as to why I believe that I am in the perfect family right now, and this just contributes to that theory. As an early birthday present, my parents bought me along with themselves tickets to probably the greatest concert I will ever see.. The Cavern Beatles. For those who don't know who they are, they are one of the world's best Beatles Tribute bands.. honestly they were amazing. They sounded like the real deal.

Inside Ystad theater. Over 150 years old.. amazing!

First set, they even looked like the Beatles!

The second set.

Friday, September 3, 2010

I think I am in love.

Some of my favorite pictures from Sweden.

This one is actaully my favorite. It was taken by my friend Rasmus the other night when a bunch of us were hanging out on the pier.


Wow so it's been five weeks now! I think this is the longest time I've ever been from home but it feels like I just left yesturday. Time has really flown and now I want it to slow down. I am enjoying it here in Sweden A LOT! I am now the only one in the house (besides my parents and my dog) so it's really rather quiet a lot of the time. I have an exchange friend though that lives just down the street so we hang out a lot. Right now she's going through a hard time with her family but still loves Sweden. But I've been helping her through it and so she's at my house a lot.

I've been in school now since last wednesday, and boy is school here different. As you can see from my last post I have a very rough scehdule. School is really big though, as I am used to little ol Sahali, anything over two floors is HUGE! So my school here, the only school in Ystad and the surrounding area, is called Österportgymnasiet. And school here you take programs, so you have schools inside your school. I am in the Media program and there is about 25 students in my class. Which means all of my classes throughout this year are with the same 25 students. Since not all courses here are mandatory, there is only 6 of us in math class, and only 7 of us in photography. School is also super hard but really easy at the same time. I never know what's going on (except in English class, that one is a breeze) and so then I am tired a lot. My teachers will do the lesson in Swedish, then they ask me if I understand anything. Alls I can do is just say no cause I don't. Sometimes they will breifly explain for me but other times they just laugh and continue with the lesson. My classmates are all super nice as well, very artsy, and you can tell some took this program just cause it'd be easy. But they explain things to me so I am not hopelesly lost. They also always invite me to eat lunch with them which is nice. Some days however if I miss the end of my class because of SFI, one of the other exchange students and I go out for lunch, usually to her house or to mine because we live about 10 minutes away from the school. School lunches here are free, however aren't super amazing. You can eat them still but aren't anything to brag about. But still them being free is very nice.

I've been to one Rotary meeting here, and the biggest difference is definitely age. My club here is about 60 members I don't think there is a single person under 50 in the club. Plus I think there is only about 4 women in the club. So it is made up of old men. We meet on Monday nights at 6 for dinner. Unfortunetly my club is not in Ystad, it is the Rotary Club of Hammenhög so we have to drive about 25 minutes to get there. I don't have to go to meetings every week, only about once a month, and in October I will do my presenation on Canada, but in mainly english. And then in around May I will do another but in Swedish. I met my club councillor on Tuesday for the first time as well finally. His name is Göran and he is very nice, but travels a lot so I will sort of have two councillors here. He told me that the club is going to put together a budget (not sure what yet, they have to discuss it next week) and that money will be extra money then my monthly allowance, and that will go towards whatever they decide pretty much. My mom and I were discussing that would be great for March when I go on a Rotary Ski Trip up North.

I haven't done a HUGE amount of travelling yet but I will now seeing as through school I get a card that allows me to take a bus or train anywhere in Skåne. I've been a couple different cities, due to Rotary trips, but now I will go around more often. A friend of mine (a Swedish one too) is going to take me shopping in Malmö soon. I am very excited. With rotary we went on this trip to a little island off the West coast called Ven. Very small and you bike around it, and alls was good until we got our bikes. Then it started to POUR! So we got really wet but I had so much fun that day that I really didn't mind too much. Our trip to Austria has been booked as well. We are going to a resort called Bad Gastein from January 2nd to the 8th. There is 14 of us going, however they are mostly adults. One couple, very nice people, have a daughter my age and she wasn't supposed to be going this year but since I am going she gets to go now too. I have met her and last weekend I spent the weekend at her house because my parents were out of town. She is very nice and we are both looking forward to January. She is the one who wants to take me shopping in Malmö. Next weekend I am going to Danmark around mid day on Friday and will be gone until Sunday. I am going to visit Sarah McCurrach from Kelowna and Erin Miller (Kamloops Daybreak) is coming to Copenhagen as well. We are all staying at Sarah's house and with her host family for the weekend and we are also all really excited to see eachother again. Then on Sunday my parents are picking me up in Malmö for a musical that night. We are seeing ''Singing in the Rain'' but in Swedish. It will be really neat to go see. As well on Monday night they are taking me to The Cavern Beatles (a very good Beatles tribute band) here in Ystad because they know how much of a Beatles fan I am.

My Swedish still isn't very good but I am learning, and understanding my host parents more and more each day. We have started our Swedish lessons in school and they are very hard. Swedish practically the whole time! Soon though I hope I understand and I won't be as scared to try and speak swedish. I am less tired each day now, except I think I pay less attention when people speak Swedish, which might not be good.

Well that's about a current update on what I've been doing for the past two weeks, I can't really think of anything else to say. Tomorrow night we are having a Crayfish party, which is a very big Swedish traditions. You drink Schnapps while singing a strange song in Swedish like every 5 minutes. I am looking forward to this.

So that is all for now, I hope Kanada is just as amazing as Sweden is!! I miss you all tons and nobody hesitate to send me a ''Hej hej'' on facebook.


Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Just got my courses at school today, I start at 8 each morning except on Monday's, I don't start until 1 :)

SFI (swedish lessons for us exchange students)1:00-2:00pm
English 1:50-3:20pm
Math 8:00-9:00am
Swedish with my class 9:10-10:40am
SFI 10:15-11:15
Multimedia 10:40-12:45
Lunch 1:00-1:30
Multimedia 1:30-4:20
Media Communications 8:00-9:30
Film Studies 10:40-12:00
Lunch 12:05-12:30
Dance 1:30-4:20
Media Communications 8:00-9:30
SFI 9:15-10:15 (I miss my 9:40-10:35 math class for SFI)
Lunch 12:00-12:30
English 12:40-2:10
PE 2:40-4:10
Multimedia 8:00-9:30
SFI 9:15-10:15
PHOTOGRAPHY 10:00-4:00

The photography class has this little in class studio with lights and reflectors and it's gonna be so much fun!
For SFI though I miss parts of my classes, and I am late and have to leave early and such. But it will help for sure. For first term we have it the 4 times a week and for second term it's only 2 (that's in the spring)
Every student (at least the exchange students) is assigned a "mentor", one of the teachers that they can always go to if they need something. My mentor's name is Hanna, and she also happens to be my english teacher which is very good. She is really nice which I am super glad of. She showed me all the classrooms where my classes will be as well as introduced me to all my teachers. They seem nice and glad to meet me. I hope that is how it is.
School starts tomorrow at 10:00.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Home is behind, the world ahead..

I figured I'd write a little update although nothing too interesting has happened. We had two sunny days in a row finally and it was super nice. I went to Jeannie's house and tanned by her pool. Jeannie is Andrea the exchange student from Wisconsin that lives 5 minutes away. Her house is MASSIIIIVE.
I've been to many small villages.. and when I say village I mean it's too small to be considered a town. My mom's brother lives in the middle of the flat farmland (he owns a farm as well as a bus company in Hammenhäg) and we went to visit him today. His wife is very nice and so are his three kids. I didn't actaully happen to catch any of their names except Filip's, cause it't pretty easy. He is one year younger then me but goes to school in Lund. They have a beautiful horse and some really playful dogs. As well they have two barn cats, a mom and her baby. The little one was so adorable, reminded my of Grubber-Goo. We had fika at their house, tea and a reaaallyl delicious chocolate cake.
So school starts on Wednesday, I'm really nervous now, excited but nervous. I can't wait to meet people though.
I made Poutine last night for my family. Jeannie also came over for dinner because she had never tried it before but heard good things. I was so excited to make it, seeing as I really love it and miss it dearly. That's another thing people can send me.. quick and easy gravy packets.. making it from scratch wasn't as easy. Anyways, I was also really nervous cause I was scared that they wouldn't like it but luckily they really did. My dad is already planning out what else we could put on it (like onions and bacon and such).
Well, not much more to say then I still love Sweden just as much. I've started to miss home a little more now but I haven't been upset or anything yet so I'm glad.
It's been three weeks already, I still can't believe it!!! In 5 more days it'll be my one month!!! Friday night.. bring it.
But there is a massive bug trying to break through the fortress of my door and rampage my room so I am now going to go defend my territory but first learn some lessons of fighting from the troops of Rohan in Lord of the Rings.

Hej då för nu!

This beach is about 25 minutes away from Ystad and about 10 from Hammenhög. The sand was unreal and I found it was better then Mexico. It was so soft that it squeaked! Also if you look closely you can just see the Danish island- Bornholm.

Friday, August 20, 2010


So I went to the school yesturday to pick out my courses. It's not a for sure but my classes SHOULD be:

Media Program Second Year with Photography as my main profile (so I do a lot of photography in other words)
English (just so I can own that class. The school counsillers said it would more of be a benefit to the class and teacher to have me in it)
Dance (on Wednesday afternoons only though)
This course where we watch films then analyze them
and four times a week the four other excahnge students and I have special swedish lessons.

This sounds like it's gonna be a good year at school. I have to go back on Tuesday to get my schedule and meet my teachers but on Wednesday is my first day. I am realllly excited.
Here, school works different. Your class (like we have our grad class of everyone in that grade at the school) is just the ones in your program. So I'm more of going to Mediegymnasiet (which is just the Media program). So I will have the same group of students in every one of my classes. I THINK (or hope at least) that I have met someone in my class already, but I'm not sure if he is in it.

Extra note that is not related to school:
This past week I actaully hung out with friends! I went into town with Andrea (another exchange student from Wisconsin) and then to her house where we watched some movies. And another night I went to her house (It's about a five minute walk from mine) and we watched a movie with her host brother Filip (same age as us) and his friend Rasmus. Rasmus is the guy who I think is in the same program as me at school.
That is all.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Two weeks already!

Wow, I can't believe that it has been two weeks already here! So much stuff has happened and I love it all! I think I am in love with this country.. nej.. I know I am. I miss the mountains, and reese peanut butter cups but it;s replaced with the ocean and Daim (såååååå mycket gott!!!). I feel at home here.
I've been so busy these past två veckor that I have barely talked to home. So here is what I've been up too in a short form..

I can now get around my city without getting hopelessly lost. Finding my way home from Old Town now is easy and I don't need any help. (Although at 3 in the morning it was a bit tricky. Good thing I had my sister and cousin with me)

My Swedish is... inte bra but I learn more and more each day. I can now sorta speak Swinglish but only a bit. Understanding people is so much harder then to speak it because Swede's speak veerryy fast. I now know how everyone else back home feels when they talk to me. Except I think I'm in a tougher postition cause I don't even know the words that they are saying. It all sounds like jibberish to me. I just had my language camp for the past five days but it didn't help that much. I know more words and how to read swedish now (pronounce for the use of a better word) but ja I'm pretty usless at understanding. It's only been two weeks though so I just need to be patient and it will come eventually. Right now it seems like I'm never gonna get it but everyone says that the first couple months are really difficult but by Christmas I should be able to speak it pretty dece and by next July I'll be pretty fluent. Right now I can sorta understand my mom if she asks if I want something in Sweden, though she has to speak slowly.

My family is... amazing. They made me feel right at home the first couple days and so now this really feels like home! My dad is så funny and is always asking if I need something. Same with my mom. They really are great and they said that they really like me and always tell me how glad they are to have me here. I met my second host family last night, the Holmbergs. They are a bit mpore reserved then my family right now but they are a nice couple. Their three kids all don't live at home anymore though. It's not a for sure thing however that I will go to live with them.. we're just seeing how it goes and I may stay with the Persson's for the whole year. My dad says that they'll probably wanna keep me and that I may not even go home to Kanada. He is very convinced that I won't and quite honestly I am not sure either. I loooooove Sverige. My sister is så amazing as well. We have ALOT in common, like more then me and Caitie. We like the same things and we dislike the same things and we have the same personality. It is crazy! I'm really upset that she has to leave tomorrow and I will miss her a lot. This family is so perfect for me! They are just as crazy and weird as back home.

I've met some friends here now, mainly Sara's friends. They are all really nice and they speak english around me even though they don't want too. They think that it isn't that good but I reasure them that it's much better then my Swedish. They will all be in third year once school starts, and even though they are a year older then me I want to see if I will be able to go into third year seeing as the Swedish graduation is reallly neat and much different then Kanada. We'll see though. My mom and I are going on Thursday to go pick my courses for the year.

Let's see what else...
Did I mention that I love sweden?? I still can't get over that I am actaully here. I was just talking with Sara about how I can't believe that I've been here for two weeks now. But then it also feels like I've been here for so much longer. It's weird how that's how it is but I am okay with it.

So I'm going to say hej då för nu men jag will try and write another update next week or so. If anyone wants to send me some Reese Peanut Butter Cups I would be more then estatic to get some:) Or even a card or like $20 :P If you don't have my address it is:

Kaycie Sjodin
Långhusgatan 11
271 36 Ystad

I hope Kanada is all good and not completely burning up right now!
Hej då!!!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Jag alskar Sverige.

So I've had people bugging me to update this thing.. but I've only been here 2 days now! But I'll quickly fill in what has happened in short form..
So I arrived in Copenhagen at about 6:30 and I arrived into my city on the coast of Skane at about 8. I had a quick tour and a quick bite to eat because then Sara (my host sister) took me to a party to meet all of her friends. She wanted me to go to another one with her but Caroline (my host mom) wanted me to come home and sleep. I had a lot of fun even though I didn't understand anyone.
Yesturday I rode my bike around the city with my host parents.. cobble stone streets surrounded by old buildings.. paths in the trees that lead to an ocean side walkway.. I can get used to this place:)
We also went out for dinner with my mom and dad, brother and sister, 2 cousins, my dad's mom, and my mom's parents. The restaraunt we went to was outside and it was strange cause you had to cook your own meat. But the food was REALLLY good (mycket god). The grandparents don't speak English though so it was super hard to communicate.
Well.. that's as much as I'm gonna write for today.. I'll try and get another update out in a week or so. I have a journal.. except I don't wanna write down what I all wrote.. I was bored on the plane so wrote a lot.
Jag alskar sverige! hej da!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Quick Update..

Visa has been approved (yaaaay) and I'll be getting it back on the 21st of July..
Richard my travel coordinator ordered my flights yesterday between July 28th and August 1st. I'll be flying into Copenhagen. In the next week I hope to have my itinerary!
Fourteen more days... I need to start packing :s

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

So much has happened..

Wow.. So time has been flying by super fasssst! There is officially four weeks until I leave. My departure date hasn't been completely confirmed.. should bet he 29th though. My Dad and I took a trip to Vancouver for the day to deliver my visa application to the Swedish consulate. It all went well and we should get it back in the mail in a couple weeks.
Even more exciting news.. I met this girl over facebook that will be living in the same town as me for the year :D It's very exciting, we've skyped already and can't wait to meet each other.
I've chatted with my host mom and host sister some more, I love them already. Caroline sent me pictures of the house and it's gorgeous!
Orientation is gonna be on the 1st and 2nd of August, then I travel north for a 10 day language camp with all the other rotary students, it's gonna be a blast! Then school starts on August 23rd. I will be attending Österportgymnasiet which is the upper secondary school in Ystad. My host councilor says that when I arrive in Sweden I will pick my programs.
So that's all I can really think of right now that's new with Sweden news.. I keep getting more excited!

On a less happy note.. I am not looking forward to this next month in a way. The bitter sweetness is coming into play and it's not fun at all. My best friend Miles was accepted to a camp called Shad Valley.. which meant he left last thursday for a month. Saying goodbye to him was one of the hardest things I've had to do yet. And for the next 31 days I get to do it so many times as well. The worst part is, my sister is leaving to Quebec for 6 weeks on Saturday.. so I won't see her before I leave. I'm scared to say good bye to her!

I know the next year will be worth all these tears though so I can hardly wait till July 29th!

Monday, May 3, 2010

I'll always remember this day..

AHHHH I GOT MY FIRST HOST FAMILY EMAIL TODAY! I was dead asleep this morning when my mom called me to tell me that I needed to go check my email. I booked it to the computer and quickly signed in to find that my first host mom, Caroline Perrson, has sent me a nice and long detailed email. I read through happy tears and procedded to stare at the computer in awe. I will be living in a small town on the southern coast of Sweden (yes coast. I am on the ocean!) called Ystad. I will be attending Österportskolan for school and my Host Rotary Club is the Rotary club in Hammenhög. Ystad has about 17, 500 people, which is much smaller then Kamloops but none the less amazing. Hammenhög is about 10 minutes away from my town and Malmo is about a half an hour. I AM SO EXCITED! My host family sounds amazing. My host father's name is Ingemar and he words and a transport good coordinator between eastern Europe and Sweden. My host mom, Caroline, works part time in Ystad as a secretary. I am also fortunate enough to have host siblings. Andreas, 19, is my host brother and Sara, 18 this fall, is my host sister. Sara and I are very much alike when is comes to personality. Unfortunately, she leaves on her Rotary Exchange about 2 weeks after I arrive. Caroline told me that I will be living in her room for my time with them. The whole family sounds wonderful and they've already invited me to go to Austria this winter for a skiing vacation in the Alps!! I can't wait.
I think this email made me much more excited to leave because now I can not wait to meet my family.

Friday, April 30, 2010

First Post.

So this I'm new to this whole blogging deal but I figured I should get used to it if I'm planning on keeping up with it. So my name is Kaycie and I was accepted to go on a Rotary Youth Exchange on November 22. I'm apart of District 5060 in Canada. I live in Kamloops which is beautiful. In mid December I got that fantastic email telling me that I was chosen to spend the year in Sweden. AMAZING! Since then I've had both of my Rotary Weekends, the first in Revelstoke where it was pretty much to just meet everyone. It has gotta still be the best weekend of my life. I made so many new friends and they are all family! Our second weekend was in Naramata and was much more of our orientation. We had so many training sessions that just made me more excited to leave. We learned a lot about culture shock and all the other things we may experience. I had so much fun just cause I got to see everyone again. I missed them all so much! Unfortunately I won't get to see some of them until Rebound weekend but luckily I'll see all the Inbounds when they stop in Kamloops for their bus trip! I can't wait. I haven't found my host city yet nor my host families but Bob, the placement coordinator, told me that I should know by May 31st so it's just a waiting game. I do know however that I should be arriving in Sweden around July 28th and August 1st. 3 MONTHS I CAN'T WAIT!